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asdf for Managing Multiple Tool Runtime Versions

If you read my prior blog posts, Managing Multiple Python Versions and Packages and Managing Multiple Python Installs and Packages with Pyenv and Pipenv, you’re aware of how I prior used Pyenv and Pipenv to install, manage, and use multiple … Continue reading

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New Technology Website – SuperTechCamp.com

I have had this blog for over a decade now starting way back in 2008. That seems like a long time ago; wait… that is a long time ago :-)! At that time, there were not nearly as many bloggers … Continue reading

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HumairAhmed.com – Weekly Blogs on Networking, Technology, and Silicon Valley

I started blogging about everything Tech related back in 2008 when I moved to the Silicon Valley area (an interesting story I will write about later), because I loved technology and wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with others … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing and the Pace of Technological Innovation

Everyone knows for the most part that technology, especially in Silicon Valley, is a fast moving beast. Nowadays, it’s not a field for people to get into halfheartedly; otherwise, you may find yourself being eatin’ alive by the competition. It’s … Continue reading

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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008

The Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008 is over. I really learned a lot and enjoyed this event; I’m already looking forward to next year! It’s a really brilliant idea to bring tech enthusiasts together for this two day learning / … Continue reading

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