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Silicon ValleyI started blogging about everything Tech related back in 2008 when I moved to the Silicon Valley area (an interesting story I will write about later), because I loved technology and wanted to share my knowledge and experiences with others and that really was the main and only driver; you can look at at the archives on my site starting in 2008.

Back then, there were not as many Tech bloggers as there are now, and it seems many bloggers now are just blogging for the wrong reasons, almost more like a duty that comes with being in the field rather than the sheer enjoyment of learning/innovating and sharing, but more on this perhaps on another blog post to follow.

Although I never meant to grow this site into anything more than just a hobbyist tech blog posting only once in a while, this site has still continued to grow slowly in visits – around ~26,000 visits per month based on my site analytics. Unfortunately, I’ve not been as active blogging on this site or as diverse on the blog topics around technology as I used to be. This is actually in contrast to the many things I have been working on and engrossed in both at work and even more-so outside of work the last two years. Having joined the VMware NSX team 2 years ago, I have been regularly posting blogs on the VMware Network Virtualization blog on topics around NSX for multi-site, disaster recovery, automation, and security. You can check those posts out here.

NFD 15: VMware NSX for Multi-Site Environments with Humair Ahmed

NFD 15: VMware NSX for Multi-Site Environments with Humair Ahmed

I feel it is extremely important, in terms of staying innovative and building creativity, in addition to day-to-day job related work, to always stay involved in non-job related activities when possible – other tech and business projects/collaborations/events/etc. Add in the fact of having taken on a role at a new company and my wife and I having our first child – both about 2 years ago, it sure didn’t leave much time for anything else.

Now, I look forward to increasing the blog posts on this site to once weekly, even if just a very short blog on something new. There are lots of exciting things going on in technology and in The Valley. I have had many great discussions with folks who have reached out either directly through e-mail or on LinkedIN because of something they connected with me on or to collaborate; I can’t think of any better reward or reason to continue with the blog posts.

I also have not been able to keep-up with all the e-mails, so I apologize if I’ve not responded. Please feel free to reach-out to me again or feel free to connect with me on LinkedIN. Also, for those e-mails requesting technical support (I’ve had some folks send me entire logs and Visio diagrams), although I would love to help, I just don’t currently have the cycles to do so. In these cases it would be best to call support, use specific vendor message boards, or leave comments on a specific post where others may be able to help/comment.

Feel free to also connect with me on Twitter: @Humair_Ahmed or LinkedIN or send me an e-mail at hue at (replace ‘at’ with @). And yes, I do also plan to update the look and feel of this website soon.

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