Cloudflare Ethereum Gateway Whitepaper

Cloudflare Ethereum Gateway Whitepaper
Close on the heels of publishing the Cloudflare IPFS Gateway Whitepaper, the CLoudflare Ethereum Gateway Whitepaper is now published and available to download from the Cloudflare Resource Hub. This whitepaper walks through details of Ethereum and Cloudflare Ethereum Gateway. You can now download and read the Cloudflare Ethereum Gateway Whitepaper to learn more. Feel free to provide any feedback or reach out if you have questions.

Ethereum is a decentralized, open source, programmable blockchain. A blockchain is a shared, distributed database that stores data in blocks that are ultimately linked together using cryptography, making verification easy and transparent. Similar to how the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is seen as a storage layer for Web3 as discussed in the Cloudflare IPFS Gateway Whitepaper, Ethereum can be seen as a compute layer for Web3. This whitepaper discusses the what and why of Ethereum and DApps, how Ethereum helps bring the decentralized application model to the decentralized web, and the benefits of Cloudflare Ethereum Gateway.

Cloudflare Ethereum Gateway

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