Humair’s Blog – Finally Removed the Registration Requirement for Leaving Comments

Apologies for getting this done so late. I have had many requests in the past to remove the registration requirement for leaving comments. I get a ton of spam mail and spam comments, and that was the main reason for this requirement. Spam was really a pain; I also had to manually delete the spam and then search for and approve legitimate comments – I found out the hard way that I do not have enough time for this. Today I finally got around to implementing a spam filter (which as of yet remains to be seen how well it works). For now, no more registration required and no more moderation.

Also, apologies to anyone I have not responded back to via e-mail. Again, I get a lot of spam e-mail mixed in with real e-mail. I try to respond back to everyone but sometimes, because of time constraints, I do fall behind and am not always able to reply back. For general questions, you will get a more timely response by leaving a comment as it will also allow others to help answer the question. Thanks for understanding! – Humair.

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