UC Berkeley Java Certification

I just finished up my last class to get the UC Berkeley Java Certificate. The program is offered by UC Berkeley Extension, an arm of UC Berkeley. The program consists of taking and passing three Java programming courses spanning 90 hours of instruction by seasoned professionals. It’s a great way to keep your skills up-to-date, expand your skills, and network with others. However, it is a bit expensive at around $700 – $800 a class + books.
In addition to the certification program, I took another class regarding J2EE taught by a senior developer at Oracle (Oracle recently bought Sun Microsystems and now is the owner of Java); this instructor was phenomenal. I’ve also taken some other math/business courses. It seems like all the instructors are well qualified, although some are clearly better at teaching than others. UC Berkeley Extension offers many courses and certificates in different fields. I know times are tough right now with the slumping economy, but I highly recommend UC Berkeley Extension for those who want to continue learning and sharpening their skills. It can even make you more marketable for that desired job.

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