Python Tkinter/TK Library for Quick User Interfaces

Quite a while back, I used to use Tkinter/TK library quite often. Here’s a blog I wrote back in 2012 showcasing a XenServer client that connects to a Citrix XenServer or XenServer pool; the client can also perform management tasks and provides some advanced monitoring features. I create the UI for this app by leveraging the Tkinter/Tk library. Lately, I’ve written a few small utilities for different purposes and found Tkinter handy to quickly get up and going with a few buttons that perform some function when clicked. I wasn’t trying to be fancy in this case; just a basic UI shell I could quickly leverage and incorporate as a foundation for other small utilities. I went ahead and published it on Github for anyone just getting started, and below is the link to the code and a brief description.

This project contains a basic UI shell using python Tk library. A mini UI with four buttons is displayed. Clicking a button will execute a function tied to that button as well as show a message on the screen that the action has been executed. This basic foundational UI code using Tk can be easily expanded to define more complicated functions related to the buttons.

Dependencies: Python 3.11.2 was used. Requires Tkinter/Tk python library.
Code: BasicTkUI

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