Cloud Computing and the Pace of Technological Innovation

Sillicon ValleyEveryone knows for the most part that technology, especially in Silicon Valley, is a fast moving beast. Nowadays, it’s not a field for people to get into halfheartedly; otherwise, you may find yourself being eatin’ alive by the competition. It’s a land and time where geeks and hardcore tech junkies flourish and those seeking a 9 to 5 job die off. With the speed at which technology is moving, even I, a devout hardcore tech junky whose personal and work life have commingled to a point of no distinction, find it hard to keep up.

Exasperating the problem is the more and more intertwining of technologies and specialties due to the rise of virtualization and cloud computing. With the advent of cloud computing, a new breed of technologists are entering the arena where they must have a grasp on everything from servers, storage, and networking, to virtualization, programming/scripting, and automation. Some true geeks are salivating over the thought of the challenges and opportunities that are abound.

For me, I am up to my knees in everything from operating systems/virtualization to networking, cloud computing, and programming/development. Right now, work is mostly networking, some Perl/Python scripting, and messing around with virtualization. Outside of work is where I tend to push the limits of technology more. It’s the time where I can take all my creative energy and direct it in any area I wish without any restrictions until I’m content.

So yes, the pace of technological innovation and creativity has been fierce, yet there are many, including myself, who marvel at what has been done and is being done, who are excited to work on ideas day and night, and who can’t wait to see what we create and where the future goes!


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