Setup your Apple MacBook Pro with VMware ESXi on top of Fusion

ESXi 4.1 on top of Fusion on Apple MacBook Pro

ESXi 4.1 on top of Fusion on Apple MacBook Pro

I have been messing around with VMware ESXi on my Apple MacBook Pro laptop for a while now. Actually, I have installed ESXi on top of VMware Fusion. Further, I networked everything together so my Apple MacBook Pro can communicate with ESXi and the Virtual Machines (VMs) installed on ESXi as well as the VMs installed on Fusion.

This is a great test bed. I can develop with Eclipse on my MacBook and connect to my ESXi server. I can also start-up the Windows VM on Fusion to connect to ESXi with vSphere client (vSphere client doesn’t run on Macs). Several people have asked me how to accomplish this, so I have put together an outline of the setup below.

- Apple Macbook Pro with two 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo CPUs and 4 GB RAM
- ESXi 4.1 installed on top of VMware Fusion
- VMs installed on ESXi
- Windows installed on Fusion to use vSphere Client
- Laptop, ESXi, and VMs all on the same subnet –
     * Used 2 NICs (The built-in Ethernet adapter and an USB to Ethernet adapter)
     * Two NICs connected together will bring up the adapters that communication
        will take place through


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