Setup Telnet Access on Force10 Switches

I am going to use a Force10 S60 switch [FTOS] to demonstrate how to setup telnet access. To setup telnet access you first need to set an IP address on either a data port or a managment port so you can access it with telnet. Since the S60 has a management port, I’m going to use that. The commands I would enter would be:

- enable
- conf
- interface managementethernet 1/0
- ip address
- no shut

Now I will need to setup a default route so I can access the switch from the internet. Assuming my switch has a gateway address of, I would enter the following commands:

- enable
- conf
- management route

I next setup a user and an authentication list that will be used for telnet access. Below is an example in which I use local username authentication:

- enable
- config
- username testuser password testpassword privilege 15
- aaa authentication login localmethod local

Now, I enable telnet access on the vty lines and enable authentication using the authentication list I created in the prior step:

- enable
- config
- line vty 0 9
-login authentication localmethod

I make sure to save my configuration using “write mem”. I can now access the switch via telnet.


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