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VMware Cloud on AWS with NSX: Communicating with Native AWS Resources

Friday, January 5th, 2018

VMware Cloud on AWS Communicating to Native AWS Resources
I’ve also posted this blog on the VMware Network Virtualization Blog site. If you haven’t already, please read my prior two blogs on VMware Cloud on AWS: VMware SDDC with NSX Expands to AWS and VMware Cloud on AWS – SDDCs Across Different AWS Regions; I’ve also posted these on the VMware Network Virtualization Blog. The prior blogs provide a good intro and information of some of the functionality and advantages of the service. In this blog post I expand the discussion to the advantages of VMware Cloud on AWS being able to communicate with native AWS resources. This is something that would be desired if you have native AWS EC2 instances you want VMware Cloud on AWS workloads to communicate with or if you want to leverage other native AWS services like AWS S3 VPC Endpoint or RDS. (more…)


VMware SDDC with NSX Expands to AWS

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

VMC on AWS VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) technologies like vSphere ESXi, vCenter, vSAN, and NSX have been leveraged by thousands of customers globally to build reliable, flexible, agile, and highly available data center environments running thousands of workloads. I’ve also discussed prior how partners leverage VMware vSphere products and NSX to offer cloud environments/services to customers. In the VMworld Session NET1188BU: Disaster Recovery Solutions with NSX, I discussed how VMware Cloud Providers like iLand and IBM use NSX to provide cloud services like DRaaS. In 2016, VMware and AWS announced a strategic partnership, and, at VMworld this year, general availability of VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC on AWS) was announced; this new service is the focus of this post. (more…)


Google App Engine goes Java

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

java_appengine2At a Google Technology User Group meet-up last night, I listened to a presentation by a Google App Engine Engineer, Jeff Scudder. This past Sunday night Google announced the support for Java on there App Engine service. Previously, the only language that was supported was Python. Also, there is now integration with Google Web Toolkit, and a Google Plugin for Eclipse.


SproutCore with Google App Engine and Chrome

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Yesterday I participated in a Google User Group Meeting at Google where presentations were made regarding SproutCore (a JavaScript framework) and Google App Engine. In this blog I will mainly focus on SproutCore as that was the main discussion topic of the night. However, I will also briefly add my two cents about the Google App Engine and Google Chrome (Google’s new browser). (more…)