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LACP and Trunking Between Brocade FOS and Dell FTOS Switches

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

In this short lab I’ll demonstrate creating a LACP LAG and trunking between Brocade switches running FOS and Dell switches running FTOS. I utilize two Brocade 8000 switches [FOS 6.3], one Dell S60 switch [FTOS], and one Dell PowerEdge 2950 server with a QLogic QLE8242 CNA. Below is the network diagram for this lab. (more…)


FCoE with Dell S5000 Converged Switch and Dell MXL Blade Switch [Video]

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Check out the latest Dell S5000 converged switch video which demonstrates FCoE with the Dell S5000 converged switch and the Dell PowerEdge M1000e chassis w/ MXL blade switch. The Dell S5000 switch is configured in NPIV Proxy Gateway mode and the Dell MXL blade switch is configured for FCoE Transit. Additionally, the FCoE and LAN connectivity is tested by sending LAN and SAN traffic from the Dell PowerEdge M620 blade server. Multipathing over dual fabrics is also demonstrated by logging into the Fibre Channel switches and observing the FC traffic passing over both fabrics. Just see the second video posted on the following page on Dell’s website here, Dell Tech Center YouTube channel here, or just see the video directly below. (more…)


Dell Networking S5000: Deployment of a Converged Infrastructure with FCoE

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Checkout my latest Dell Networking document and learn how to deploy FCoE using the Dell S5000 converged switch: “Dell Networking S5000: Deployment of a Converged Infrastructure with FCoE“. (more…)


Dell Networking S5000: The Building Blocks of Unified Fabric and LAN/SAN Convergence

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Check out my latest Dell Networking whitepaper: Dell Networking S5000: The Building Blocks of Unified Fabric and LAN/SAN Convergence. The whitepaper demonstrates and explains the movement from a traditional non-converged LAN/SAN network to a converged LAN/SAN infrastructure and how the Dell S5000 switch is an ideal solution for this transition. The whitepaper focuses on deploying a converged solution with FCoE using a Dell S5000 switch. The building blocks of Unified Fabric with FCoE are discussed in detail. In addition, benefits of moving to a converged infrastructure such as less maintenance and considerable cost savings are discussed. (more…)


Stop by the Dell Networking S5000 Hands-on-Lab at Dell Enterprise Forum 2013

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Dell S5000 SwitchIf you’re planning to attend the Dell Enterprise Forum in San Jose, CA from June 4th – June 6th 2013, make sure to stop by the Dell Networking S5000 Hands-on-Lab. I’ll be on-site, and you’ll have the opportunity to configure a converged LAN/SAN network using FCoE with the Dell S5000 converged switch. You will configure the Dell S5000 switch as a NPIV Proxy Gateway and touch every piece of the solution – Dell PowerEdge server, CNA, Dell S5000 switch, Brocade 6505 Fibre Channel (FC) switch, and Dell Compellent storage array (SC8000 controller & SC220 disk enclosure).


Buying a Converged/FCoE Switch?

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

I felt the urge to write this article after receiving several inquiries about buying used Cisco Nexus 5010 and Nexus 5020 switches because they are available on some third-party site at large discounts – at least compared to the new Cisco Nexus switches. First, let me mention that both of these switches are EOL. Second, as I always say, whether the switch will work for you or not will depend on your network requirements. Let me mention a few things here to take into consideration when looking at some of these old EOL switches when the thought of saving some $$$$ overwhelm you. (more…)