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Interests: technology that challenges traditional concepts, biotech, coding/hacking, networking, automation, virtualization, cloud computing, philosophy

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Open Source Code:

GitHub - Most all future downloads will also be available on GitHub; these files will be the most recent for any specific project. If the code is relatively small (for example - 1 file) or a project I don't intend to work further on, I may only post that here

CheckAppFile - A Windows batch file script that checks to see if a file is available and takes appropriate action based on results. [Blog Ref.]

ElementCache - A Python app that calculates molecular mass and demonstrates how to implement a basic caching scheme. [Blog Ref.]

HueVIClient - A quick and dirty Java app I made that connects to VMware ESX Server. [Blog Ref.]

HueVIClient 2.0 - An update to the original HueVIClient vSphere Client. More features and management functionality added. [Blog Ref.]

HueXenClient - A Python client that provides basic/advanced management capabilities for a Citrix XenServer Pool/Host. [Blog Ref.]

Hyper-V PowerShell Utility Scripts - PowerShell utility scripts to manage VMs on a Microsoft Hyper-V Server.

mkd - Python utility script to create directories and demonstrate how to utilize it and pass it arguments via BASH shell script. [Blog Ref.]

TopSites - A Perl script that employs screen scraping to obtain the top 25 websites and the web servers they use. [Blog Ref.]

Open Source Code @ Dell

Dell BMP 3.0 - Dell 'Bare Metal Provisioning 3.0 - Automating the Network' whitepaper scripts


IPv6 Presentation - at Sun Microsystems (01/31/2009) [Blog Ref.]

XenServer, Hyper-V, and ESXi – Architecture, API, and Coding Presentation - at UC Berkeley (02/29/2012) [Blog Ref.]

Packet Captures:

Gratuitous ARP - A Wireshark packet capture of a gratuitous ARP from a Windows XP PC. [Blog Ref.]

PAUSE Frame - A Wireshark packet capture of a PAUSE frame from a server. [Blog Ref.]

Public Publications @ Dell:

Dell 'Bare Metal Provisioning 3.0 - Automating the Network' Whitepaper [Blog Ref.]

Dell 'Bare Metal Provisioning 3.0 - Automating the Network' Wiki and Demo Video [Blog Ref.]

Dell Networking S5000: The Building Blocks of Unified Fabric and LAN/SAN Convergence [Blog Ref.]

Dell Networking S5000: Deployment of a Converged Infrastructure with FCoE [Blog Ref.]

Dell Networking S5000: Converge Your LAN and FC SAN traffic– Hands-on Lab Instructions [Blog Ref.]

Dell S5000 w/ PowerEdge Rack Servers: Full Fabric Mode Example with Configs

Dell S5000 w/ MXL Blade Switch and PowerEdge Blade Servers – Full Fabric Mode Example with Configs

Dell Networking S5000 - 3-Step Deployment (Full Fabric Mode)

Dell Networking FC Flex IOM: Infrastructure & Network Convergence w/ FCoE [Blog Ref.]

Dell Networking FC Flex IOM: Deployment of FCoE with Dell FC Flex IOM, Brocade FC switches, and Dell Compellent Storage Array [Blog Ref.]

Deploying Dell Networking MXL and PowerEdge M IO Aggregator with the FC FlexIO Module in a Cisco MDS Environment [Blog Ref.]

Network Virtualization with Dell Infrastructure and VMware NSX Reference Architecture [Blog Ref.]

Dell Networking: Multitenancy with VRF-lite [Blog Ref.]

Dell Networking: Multitenancy Across Physical and Logical Environments with VRF-lite and VMware NSX [Blog Ref.]

Dell Networking with Dell-VMware EVO:RAIL [Blog Ref.]

Public Videos @ Dell:

Dell Bare Metal Provisioning 3.0 Demo [Blog Ref.]

End-to-End FCoE Configuration with Dell S5000 and PowerEdge rack servers [Blog Ref.]

FCoE Configuration with Dell S5000 and M1000e chassis w/ MXL blade switch [Blog Ref.]

Dell S5000: Overview and 3 -step deployment of FCoE in Full Fabric (FCF) mode

Dell MXL and FC Flex IOM: Network convergence and FCoE configuration [Blog Ref.]

Dell FC Flex IOM: Overview and 3-step deployment of FCoE in NPIV Proxy Gateway (NPG) mode

Network Virtualization with Dell and VMware NSX [Blog Ref.]

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